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Backed by years of logistics, business, and customer service experience, we are in the best position to help our clients reach the Korean market.


Your success is our number one priority. Our Customer Success Team will put their utmost effort to increase your sales and help your brand achieve rapid growth.


Our dedicated research and development team never stops to simplify and improve our systems to enhance functionality and ease of use.

Our Goal is to Connect the World and Korea by Providing High-Quality Fulfillment and Distribution Services

Ever since Logos Global’s foundation in 2008, our single mission is to lower the barriers to Korean market entry for global sellers and to make their excellent products available to Korean and global customers.
South Korea is one of the biggest e-commerce markets worldwide, and it’s still growing! With the age of Globalization 4.O right around the corner, our team of logistics, IT, marketing, and customer support specialists is ready to help e-commerce companies successfully enter the new era by taking advantage of selling in this market.

Our customized e-commerce solutions combine cutting-edge technologies with outstanding fulfillment services. Therefore, we can provide our clients with well-balanced service packs. As a result, for already more than a decade, we successfully help small and medium-sized brands reach the Korean market.

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